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American Outdoor Brands Responds to BlackRock
by Guy J. Sagi - Monday, March 12, 2018

On March 6, 2018, American Outdoor Brands (AOBC) issued a response to a series of business-practice questions posed by BlackRock, one the world’s largest money management firms—with $6.288 trillion in assets on behalf of investors. The response provides insights into the industry’s legal obligations and willingness to aide law enforcement, as well as voluntary safety, outreach and awareness campaigns. It also details AOBC’s commitment to protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.
AOBC’s cover letter issues a reminder that, “As you review the contents of this reply, we believe it is important to tell you that we respect the national debate that is currently underway regarding firearms and safety. We share the nation’s grief over the incomprehensible and senseless loss of life at Parkland, Florida, and we share the desire to make our communities safer. Through our membership and work with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, we will continue to support the development of effective solutions that accomplish that objective while protecting the rights of the law-abiding firearm owner.”
AOBC—owner of Smith & Wesson, among others—addresses each question in detail and explains, “We firmly believe that the best way to stop the criminal use of firearms and the violence associated with it, is to enforce the laws that already exist, and to focus stronger efforts on prosecuting those who break them.” The nine-page response concludes, “The solution is not to take a politically motivated action that has an adverse impact on our company, our employees, our industry, our shareholders, the economies we support and, most importantly, the rights of the law abiding citizens that buy our products, but results in no increase in public safety. We must collectively have the courage to ensure any actions are guided by data, by facts, and by what will actually make us safer—not by what is easy, expedient, or reads well in a headline.”
Active funds managed by BlackRock total $1.6 trillion, making it the industry’s leader with a wide array of clientele options, including funds with interest in tobacco and adult-beverage companies. At press time, there was no response to multiple e-mails and phone calls inquiring if the firm has ever posed similar questions to the other industries.
Industry News / Northeastern University study (Posted on "")
« Last post by Bob Linehan on March 06, 2018, 08:38:53 AM »
Study Claims There Is No ‘School Shooting Epidemic’
Posted at 12:00 pm on March 5, 2018 by Tom Knighton link:
Northeastern University study link:

Throughout the current gun debate, we keep being told that we gun rights advocates simply have to give up ground on our positions. We have to because we need to do something to combat the epidemic of school shootings that have plagued this country. Things are just awful, and it’s up to us to give up our sacred and protected right to keep and bear arms to stop it.
However, things aren’t nearly as bad as the media like to paint it.
Researchers at Northeastern University claim there is not a school shooting “epidemic” and schools are actually safer than in the 1990s, according to a study published Feb. 26.
Following the Parkland massacre where 17 students and faculty were murdered and another 16 injured, policymakers and politicians are grappling with ways to combat school shootings. The solution of reforming gun policies might be less effective in combating school shooting sprees.
“There is not an epidemic of school shootings,” said James Alan Fox, Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern University, who led the research project with doctoral student Emma Fridel, Northeastern reported.
Their research emphasizes that school shootings are actually infrequent — only approximately one out of 20 to 30 mass shootings per year take place at a school. The study also suggests that school shootings are lessening, approximately four times the amount of people were killed during shooting sprees in the 1990s compared to now. Banning bump stocks and raising the age to purchase an assault rifle might do little to prevent school shootings. In the past 35 years, there are only five cases where someone aged 18 to 20 used an assault rifle to carry out a mass shooting, Fox said.
So why does it seem like there’s an epidemic to some people, or are they just lying in order to score some political points?
Well, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a moment and assume they’re not lying, that they genuinely believe things are worse today than they were in the past. Why do they think that when the evidence suggests otherwise?
Part of it is the media. Even if you take out the leftists spin at places like MSNBC and CNN, there’s a lot more media out there, which means a lot more reporting. Further, via social media, people are exposed to a lot more media. This creates an odd effect where people see all these reports and it starts to get processed differently in the brain.
When you get another shooting that closely follows a previous one, it creates a long stream of media reports over just two shootings. All are tragic, mind you, but it’s not the crisis it feels like.
Then, of course, there’s the possibility that they really are lying because they figure people will buy their BS and accept infringements on their constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights.
At this point in time, I rule nothing out completely.
What I do rule out is that somehow things are worse now than in the past. It’s especially interesting to me, however, that school shootings are happening less frequently today than they did in the 1990’s. After all, the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 covered most of that decade, yet we had more school shootings then than now.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the AWB led to school shootings or anything. Correlation doesn’t equal causation, after all. It’s just an interesting data point that should be brought up during this current debate.
Industry News / GOAL ALERT - An Act Relative to Constitutional Rights
« Last post by Bob Linehan on December 11, 2017, 01:06:54 PM »
Please Take Action - Contact your legislator and request they sign on to H.1296

GOAL Alert

1/16/17 Update: This bill has been refiled for the 190th General Court by Rep. James Miceli H.1296

This legislation creates a new section of law that provides a presumption that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual civil right. For many years the courts and law enforcement entities have been confused due to the state’s poorly written laws. With a clearly defined presumption of rights, lawful citizens will be saved unnecessary harassment. Likewise the courts and law enforcement will no longer waste time and resources on lawful citizens simply exercising their civil rights.
It also provides protections against other government entities in the state from passing laws and regulations restricting that right. This will avoid a potential patchwork of laws across the Commonwealth that causes confusion.

Bill Language:
SECTION 1. Chapter 140 shall be amended by inserting the following section:-
Section 120A. No county, municipality, township or other community entity within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may enact, pass or enforce any law, ordinance or regulation concerning the lawful ownership, use, possession, transfer, purchase, receipt or transportation of firearms, antique firearms, ammunition or ammunition components.
The right to keep and bear arms as an individual civil right shall be presumed to exist in all matters regarding the ownership, use, possession, transfer, purchase, receipt or transportation of firearms, antique firearms, ammunition or ammunition components unless expressly prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.
Industry News / Second Ammendment Foundation (SAF.ORG)
« Last post by Bob Linehan on July 26, 2017, 11:04:39 AM »
BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today won a significant court victory against “good reason” requirements for concealed carry when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of such a requirement in Washington, D.C.
The 2-1 ruling, written by Judge Thomas Beall Griffith, a 2005 George W. Bush appointee, declared that, “At the Second Amendment’s core lies the right of responsible citizens to carry firearms for personal self-defense beyond the home, subject to longstanding restrictions…The District’s good-reason law is necessarily a total ban on exercises of that constitutional right for most D.C. residents. That’s enough to sink this law under (the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller ruling).”
“Today’s ruling contains some powerful language that affirms what we have argued for many years, that requiring a so-called ‘good cause’ to exercise a constitutionally-protect right does not pass the legal smell test,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We’re particularly pleased that the opinion makes it clear that the Second Amendment’s core generally covers carrying in public for self-defense.”
The 31-page majority opinion also said that the District’s “good cause” requirement was essentially designed to prevent the exercise of the right to bear arms by most District residents. Thus, it amounts to a complete prohibition, and that does not pass muster under the 2008 Heller ruling that struck down the District’s 30-year handgun ban.
“The good-reason law,” Judge Griffith wrote, “is necessarily a total ban on most D.C. residents’ right to carry a gun in the face of ordinary self-defense needs…”
“To read the majority opinion and not come away convinced that such ‘good reason’ or ‘good cause’ requirements are just clever ways to prevent honest citizens from exercising their rights is not possible,” Gottlieb stated. “To say we are delighted with the ruling would be an understatement. We are simply more encouraged to keep fighting, winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.”
The case is Wrenn v. District of Columbia
Industry News / Commonwealth 2nd Ammendment Current Federal Court Cases
« Last post by Bob Linehan on February 06, 2017, 02:26:23 PM »
The link below is to Comm2A's leaderboard. A summary of current federal court cases.
Industry News / SHOT SHOW NSSF State of the Industry Speech
« Last post by Bob Linehan on January 18, 2017, 09:24:46 AM »
Last night, the industry gathered for the National Shooting Sports Foundation's annual State of the Industry Dinner. At that dinner, NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti delivered a keynote address that was certainly different from any in the past few years. Rather than a rallying call to keep fighting, it seems the industry sees something different: "A New Hope"

Stephen L. Sanetti, President & CEO

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

I confess that, just a few short months ago, I had absolutely no idea about what kind of speech I would be making tonight. Would it be one of resolve, preparing ourselves for a bitter and protracted onslaught that was promised and predicted? Stealing ourselves for a fight that could last for years, with an uncertain outcome at best? That certainly seemed likely in the closing days of the election. But something whispered, "Wait…"

And so I did. The gun controllers lost. As we saw, for all the plans being made to fight the good fight, that strategy thankfully was sidetracked much quicker than anyone anticipated. We are profoundly grateful to those who so generously supported our GunVote voter education and registration efforts in so many ways during the election. And, of course, efforts of organizations such as the NRA were crucial to the victory. Now we look forward with new hope to a period in which we may breathe a bit easier.

Sir Winston Churchill spoke of another time of hope amid conflict:

"A wonderful story is unfolding before our eyes. How it will end we are not allowed to know. But we all feel that we are a part of it, and that our future and that of many generations is at stake. We are sure that the character of our society will be shaped by the resolves we take and the deeds we do."

Our overriding hope is that when it comes to helping stop the misuse of firearms by criminals, and preventing access to them by legally prohibited felons, the violently mentally ill, and the drug gangs who terrorize disarmed inhabitants of our cities, the American public will realize we are all on the same side.

We certainly can't list all our hopes for the coming year, so let me outline just a few.

We hope that the parade of newcomers to the lawful and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports will continue, as it has for the past eight years. We welcome the widest possible inclusion of all American citizens of all races, nationalities and orientations, regardless of whether they live in the city, suburbs or countryside, to join our ranks. And we hope that all of you will help encourage and welcome the newcomers – for they too are the faces of America's future.

We hope that our fellow citizens who, like us, are appalled at violent crime, will heed our call – "Law-abiding firearms owners and our industry are not the enemy. Support what works – regardless of the source." We know the messages that resonate with firearms owners and promote responsible and safe ownership and use of firearms. And we, yes, the members of the American firearms industry, are the ones with effective programs and policies that actually work without trampling upon the rights of the law-abiding.

We've got to come together and be smart in curbing firearms misuse –not just stake out a political position that further divides us, or just "do something" proposed out of fear and ignorance of firearms and their lawful owners, which won't prevent tragedies.

The NSSF's Project ChildSafe program works. It has furnished over 37 million free gun safety kits and locks to over 15,000 communities, and we have seen fatal firearms accidents plummet 24% during the last ten years. It deserves additional support and Federal funding, because we can do so much more by working together.

We hope that our new suicide prevention efforts can help stem this terrible waste of lives, including those of our veterans, and will open the eyes of some in the mental health community that they should be our allies in this, rather than demonizing firearms owners and our industry.

We hope that violence prevention efforts focus on all types of violent acts – not just those involving guns – because misnaming such acts such as "gun violence" distracts from the actors, their motivation, and conduct, and wrongly focuses on the tools used. That's not the way to change behavior.

We hope the misuses of firearms in violent crime, accidents, and suicides continue to drop, as they have during the last decade, even as more and more law abiding citizens purchased firearms in record numbers.

We hope that those who tout the oft-stated goal of "saving just one life" recognize that the life of a loved one saved because a person successfully defended him or herself or a family member from violent attack, is also to be treasured.

We also hope that violent crimes committed by criminals with illegally-owned firearms will stop being considered to be a "public health" issue – crime is a criminal justice issue and should be treated as such.

And that the small number of repeat violent criminals that have caused senseless carnage on the streets of some of our cities face stiff prison sentences by enforcing the thousands of laws already on the books. Project Exile, which mandated strict penalties for criminals who were found supplying or carrying illegal guns on city streets, successfully lowered the homicide rate when it was in effect. Let's hope that big city mayors plagued by staggering instances of violent crime consider that common sense approach!

Because we hope that the failed philosophy of placing ever-more restrictions on the law abiding in the vain hope of controlling the lawless will assume its rightful place in the dustbin of history, as we see support for stricter gun control on the wane.

And that the Judges nominated and confirmed to serve on Federal courts at all levels affirm the Heller and McDonald cases as accepted law – that the U.S. Constitution recognizes the fundamental individual right of law abiding citizens of this great nation to keep and bear arms.

And that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibits senseless lawsuits based on intentional criminal misuses of lawfully sold, non-defective products, which no industry could survive, continues to be recognized as settled law to dismiss any such claims.

We hope that, as a highly regulated industry, our relationship with our regulators, such as the ATF and the State Department, will be that of mutual respect and cooperation, and that some rather puzzling and contorted interpretations of laws and regulations will be rescinded. We look forward to working with them to help stop burglaries and thefts from FFL's, and that ATF receive additional Federal funding to do its important job and reduce bureaucratic backlogs for retailers and their customers.

We are hopeful that Executive Orders banning the import of older firearms for lawful purposes will be withdrawn, and that control of export of firearms and ammunition be transferred from the State Department to the Commerce Department, just like every other category of exports.

We hope that International Treaties and protocols respect the natural right of people everywhere to self-defense, and that the United States will steadfastly oppose the ongoing attempts of some nations and disarmament groups to deprive honorable citizens of their rights in the name of controlling the lawless elements of other nations.

We hope that conservation efforts, supported largely by excise taxes on firearms and ammunition which our industry willingly pays, will be based solely upon sound science and their effects on species populations, and that Federal lands, which belong to all the people, will be kept open for all appropriate outdoor recreation activities, such as hunting and recreational shooting.

And I personally hope for the passage of the Hearing Protection Act, both as a public service to hold down the noise and not disturb our neighbors near shooting ranges, but also to help preserve what little hearing I have left!

Finally, we hope that the unity our industry has shown will continue, even in the face of half-truths, slander, bias, and fearfulness, and that we will continue to work together, not just in times of peril, but in recognition that our cause is right, and true, and enshrined by the drafters of our Constitution. And by doing so, we can turn our hopes into reality.

We must put aside whatever differences we may have had, and look forward, not backward. We have been through this before, and we become unified during the worst of times. My best hope is that we stay unified in the better days ahead.

Now, make no mistake – there remain many who for their own reasons and personal feelings and experiences, are still of the belief that firearms manufacturers, sellers and owners are not entitled to our beliefs, our livelihoods, or our way of life, which differ very much from their own.

We should never be complacent. Their will is determined and their resources are enormous. And when their side lost the election they bristled at the opportunity which they just had struck from their hands. It is in times of peace when we must allocate our resources to prepare for the next battle, whenever it may come.

If those who are immovably against us choose to fight us, we will be ready. But I hope that the measures I've outlined tonight and our outreach efforts will strike enough of a chord with the American public, to command their attention. We know not all will agree, but we ask those who are sincere in the dual goals of protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans and making America a safer place, to join us, and at least give us a chance to show how we can help, and are succeeding, right now.

Let's renew our determination, our courage, and our hope for the future. For it is upon us to demonstrate to our divided and anxious nation that ours is indeed the best way ahead. It is long past time that our many contributions to the safety of our nation are recognized and supported.

And if we act with fairness, in a spirit of inclusion, then our hope of better days for our industry, our customers, and the general public, will surely be fulfilled.

We need and sincerely appreciate all your help and support. Now is the time to make the things we hope for happen for the benefit of our industry, our customers, and the American people! Thank you.
Industry News / A Handy Guide... PART II
« Last post by Bob Linehan on November 19, 2016, 09:34:41 AM »

Now you need to learn to shoot. It doesn’t work like the movies.
There are a lot of people out there who do what I used to do, so find the professional firearms instructors in your region and take some classes. Your local ranges and stores will know who is teaching or will have ads posted. A good instructor won’t just teach you how to hit the target, but will teach you basic tactics, and when/how to use your gun. I spent a big chunk of my time teaching people how to avoid fights and not make stupid decisions.
The more you shoot, the more you train, the more comfortable you will become. Your confidence will grow. If something awful happens you can be part of the solution instead of just another victim. You won’t rise to the occasion, you will default to your lowest level of training. So get trained.
Oh yeah, this training part gets expensive too. Government regulations have driven up the cost of ammunition. You get one guess which party is responsible for that. And around the blue cities you’ve closed all of your shooting ranges because guns are scary and loud (oh yeah, we could fix that, but Democrats made it illegal or really expensive to make guns quieter), so you’ll have to drive further in order to train. Let me check… Nope, I’m still fresh out of pity.
Now the elephant in the room. I’ve seen a lot of you going on about how terrified you are for all your “marginalized” friends, that the government is going to turn tyrannical and genocidal, and murder them by the million. I don’t think that’s actually going to happen, but let’s say it did. We’re talking full on Gestapo Stasi jack boots and cattle car time. Bear with me through this hypothetical situation, that stuff about ability/opportunity/immediate threat is actually happening, but it is systematically being carried out by agents of the state against its own citizens. I’m talking war in the streets.
I keep seeing you guys saying that you’re going to “fight harder”. No offense, but bullshit. What are you going to do? Call more innocent bystanders racists? Post more articles from Salon even harder? Have a protest and burn your local CVS? Block more freeways with your bodies? Guess what. If the government has actually gone full tyrannical they’re just going to machinegun your dumbass in the street. They are going to drive through your roadblock, and your bodies will grease the treads of their tanks.
That’s what actual tyrants do. So despite your bitching, virtue signaling, and panic attacks, we’re a long way off of that.
There is a saying that has long been common in my half of the country. There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty, soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order. You can debate, vote, and go to court in order to get things changed. You only go ammo box when those other things no longer work, because once you do, there is no going back.
God willing, America never gets to that point, because if we ever go to war with ourselves again, then it will be a blood bath the like of which the world has never seen. We have foolishly created a central government so incomprehensibly powerful, that to stop it from committing genocide would require millions of capable citizens to rise up and fight.
Congratulations. Now you understand why the Framers put the 2nd Amendment in there. It is the kill switch on the Republic, and everyone with a clue prays we never have to use it.
Right now you guys are angry and talking a lot of shit. This is all new to you. My side is the one with the guns, training, and the vast majority of the combat vets, and we really don’t want our government to get so out of control that this ever happens. Only fools wish for a revolution. But that big red button is still there in case of emergency because if a nation as powerful as America ever turned truly evil then the future is doomed. As Orwell said, if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.
That’s the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment. So don’t screw around with it. If you do you’re no better than the fat wannabes running around the woods in their surplus camo and airsoft plate carriers… You don’t get that, but all my gun culture readers know exactly who I’m talking about. They are the morons CNN trots out whenever they need to paint all gun owners as irresponsible inbred redneck violent dupes for your benefit.
And spare me the typical talking points about how an AR-15 can’t fight tanks and drones… It’s way beyond the scope of this article, but you don’t have a flipping clue what you’re talking about. Every HuffPo guest columnist thinks they are Von Clauswitz. They aren’t.
This Doomsday option is something we never want to use, but which we need to maintain just in case. It is also another reason Hillary lost. One motivator for Americans to vote for Trump was that Hillary hates the 2nd Amendment. Her husband put the biggest gun ban we’ve ever had in place, and she has been exceedingly clear that she hates guns and would get rid of all of them if she could.
And doing that would push that big red button.
When the already super powerful government wants to make you even more powerless, that scares the crap out of regular Americans, but you guys have been all in favor of it. Take those nasty guns! Guns are scary and bad. Don’t you stupid rednecks know what’s good for you? The people should live at the whim of the state!
But now that the shoe is on the other foot, and somebody you distrust and fear is in charge for a change, the government having all sorts of unchecked power seems like a really bad idea, huh?
Absolute power in the hands of anyone should terrify you. The 2nd Amendment is there to make sure some of that power always remains in the hands of the people.
So that’s it. That’s how you go down the path of responsible gun ownership.
I don’t care how marginalized you think you are. Get armed. Get trained. Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones. That’s part of being a responsible adult.
And quit trying to disarm the rest of us.

The guide is over. Quit reading if you are easily offended. I’ve already heard enough crying last week, I don’t need it in my blog comments.
Now, it’s my blog, I get to rant because I feel like it. As a personal favor in exchange for all this helpful free advice, quit friggin’ yelling at everybody. Damn, libs, people came to a different conclusion than you did, that doesn’t make them sexist, racist, homophobic, or evil. If you hadn’t let the DNC sabotage Bernie Sanders you’d probably be celebrating your victory today. You ran a hideous candidate. Get over yourself and quit blocking traffic. Protesting doesn’t give you the right to burn other people’s property, no matter how butt hurt you are. And just because you saw a picture of racist graffiti: A. For all you know it was put there by Shaun King’s lying ass to get his old job back. Or B. It was put there by an actual racist doofus, and you’re giving a dimwitted shitbag with a $3 can of spray paint power over your emotions. Random scumbags on the right always represent everybody you disagree with, but when an asshole from Black Lives Matters murders five cops or a Muslim blows somebody up they are anomalies and we shouldn’t paint with a broad brush—No shit, thanks Hypocrite-Einstein! People who know dick about the military sound like idiots when explaining to people who actually know how security clearances work how Hillary did no wrong, because we know we’d be in jail for far less. When he was leaking things that made Bush look bad you loved Julian Assange so hard that Benedict Cumberbatch played him in the movie. And no, people don’t want your kid/grandma to die, but Obamacare is taking another $300-$900 extra out of everybody’s pocket for crappier insurance and they’re broke and pissed. Madonna offering free blowjobs isn’t the incentive you’d think it is. Jerkoff celebrities saying they’d move if Trump won made me want to vote for him just to spite them and I can’t stand the man! Trump sucks, but everybody on your side is such a douche that it didn’t matter. This wasn’t some righteous battle between good and evil, it was choosing between brain or colon cancer. Hillary was a reptile piloting a lifelike human suit, with zero charisma, and entitlement issues, who got the candidate she wanted to run against the most and she STILL LOST. Get over it.
And finally, don’t blame me. I voted for ice cream.
A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership
November 14, 2016   correia45   462

That title isn’t joking. This post is aimed at my liberal readers. I’m a libertarian leaning Republican and gun expert, who thinks you are wrong about a lot of stuff, but I’m not writing this to gloat about your loss. For the record, I disliked all the presidential candidates.
Judging by your social media over the last few days many liberals have been utterly terrified that your government might turn tyrannical or that evil people will now be emboldened to hurt you. I’m going to let you in on a little thing the other half of the country is familiar with to keep those unlikely, yet catastrophic, events from happening.
And that my lefty friends, is 2nd Amendment.
Having just gone through a war against a tyrannical government, the Founders understood that governments can go bad, so they made sure to note our God given right (or we’ll say naturally occurring right, since a bunch of you are atheists) to keep and bear arms in order to defend ourselves. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting or “sporting purposes”, it’s about having weapons that you can fight with. As an added bonus, being able to protect yourself from a tyrannical government means that you’re a lot better equipped to deal with any common criminal who decides to hurt you.
Before I get into the details about how to enjoy your newly discovered 2nd Amendment rights, let me just say that I get you’re sad, angry, bitter, and fearful. But just like my people over the last few elections, you’ll get over it. The really hyperbolic freak outs about Literally Hitler make you sound just like the Alex Jones crowd worried that Obama was going to herd Christians into FEMA camps last time. So take a deep breath and relax. Your friends and neighbors are the same as they were last week. The vast majority weren’t voting because racism, they voted against the status quo and a really unlikable Democrat. And no, they aren’t going to round you up into cattle cars.
But in the off chance they do, let’s get you prepared!
I’ll start out with the far more likely threat, violent criminals who would assault, rape, or murder you, and how to deal with them.
Many of you have been sharing every second hand account, rumor, and urban legend about some random doofus in Somnambulant, Wisconsin or Bumfight, Louisiana, shouting an ethnic slur or spray painting a swastika on a wall. Newsflash, in a country with a third of a billion people, some percentage of them are going to be assholes. I hate to break it to you, but the assholes were there before, and they will be there forever. Just right now the news has a self-serving incentive to report about these assholes in particular.
But Correia! You’re not a marginalized Mexican transsexual Muslim! What do you know!?
I know that anybody can be “marginalized” if they walk into the wrong neighborhood. Violence can happen to any of us, and it does, all the time. Whether your odds of being a victim are good or bad, it still sucks when you draw the short straw and somebody tries to hurt you. Whoever you are, you are correct to be concerned for your safety. Anybody can be attacked, and everybody should be prepared to deal with it.
Since this is addressed to liberals, spare me the usual nonsense about “Victim Blaming”. We don’t have time for silliness. If you’re banking on the goodwill of evil people to keep you safe, you are a sucker. If I urge you to look both ways before crossing the street, I’m not victim blaming, I’m trying to keep your stupid ass from getting hit by a bus.
Whether you are being attacked because some jerk doesn’t like your head scarf and you voted for Hillary, or getting pulled out of your car and beaten because the local hooliganry thinks you voted for Trump, or some dude with no coherent political philosophy beyond the voices in his head told him to murder you and rape your dog, it doesn’t matter… There are evil people in the world, and they will hurt you simply because it amuses them.
So there are bad people who want to hurt you. Now what do you do?
Regardless of what you worship, who you love, or you skin tone, you have the unalienable right to self-defense. The 2nd is an equal opportunity amendment.
Calling the cops is awesome. If they get there in time they will be happy to save your ass, but that’s assuming they get there in time. Violent encounters usually happen very quickly. Good police response time is measured in minutes. You can be dead in seconds. Plus, your side is the one that doesn’t trust the cops anyway. It isn’t Republicans out there protesting the police. So why is it you expect agents of the state to risk their lives to save you? Gratitude?
What most of us in the right side of the country understand is that responsible adults need to be able to defend themselves. That means owning guns and learning how to use them. (To be fair, many on the left have also come to this same conclusion already, but they have to keep that opinion to themselves so the rest of you don’t yell at them).
Unarmed self-defense is great, when it works. I’m a fan. Less-lethal devices like pepper spray are great, when they work. But trust me on this, everybody who does this professionally, who has spent years learning about how violence really works, we all have guns.
You’ve probably been taught that guns are frightening murder rods, just itching to go shoot up a school. You want to survive, get over that nonsense. I know that most of the stuff liberals think they know about firearms is flat out wrong. I’m here to tell you as a retired professional firearms instructor that sadly everything Occupy Democrats memes have taught you is incorrect. Whatever you think you know, check those preconceived notions at the door, because it is probably biased garbage.
Firearms are not magic. They are neither evil nor good. They are just tools that throw a projectile. That’s it. There’s no voodoo involved. They are items that allow a physically weak person to survive a confrontation against somebody who is stronger, or there’s more of them, or whatever other nightmare scenario you come up with. I know many of you are scared of guns, but just think of them like fire extinguishers, but for murderers.
Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean that you can just go and shoot whoever you feel like. I see this pop up all the time amongst my liberal friends. Like if a redneck sees a black dude, he can just blast him because the redneck felt uncomfortable. First off, no, that’s not how the laws work. Second off, maybe if you’d quit proclaiming everybody who isn’t part of your clique is a racist murderer, you’d win more elections.
Here is another article where I go into a great deal of detail about when it is legal to shoot somebody. I taught this stuff for a living. Trust me, I know more about this than the staff writers at Salon. Almost everything I’ve ever seen from a liberal publication concerning self-defense laws is incorrect. And I’m not just talking like I enjoy guns and they don’t, I mean they have such a basic, elementary misunderstanding of the legalities of shooting people that we aren’t even inhabiting the same reality. My reality is the one that the jury instructions will be issued from.
The short version is that in order to be justified in using lethal force against another human being, they need to be demonstrating the ability to seriously harm you, the opportunity to do so, and acting in a manner that a reasonable person would believe they are an immediate threat.
So no, you can’t just shoot somebody walking down the street in a Trump hat. That would be Murder. Or considering most liberals don’t understand basic marksmanship, more likely Attempted Murder. However, if somebody dressed entirely in Confederate flags walks up, screams DIE GAY ABORTION VEGAN and tries to stab you with his commemorative Heinrich Himmler SS dagger, it’s game on (don’t blame me, I’m basing this hypothetical scenario on what most of your facebook feeds sound like).
Go read that article. As a bonus once you understand how use of force laws actually work, you won’t be able to get as spun up with outrage over every shooting that makes the news.
Now that you’ve decided that you should be able to protect yourself from sexist war bands, and you know the basics about when it’s okay to shoot people, you want to go get strapped. But hold your horses there, Che. Guns are tools, but they are also very unforgiving of stupidity, and the last thing I want to have happen is one of you liberals shoot somebody on accident, because then you’ll be trying to pass more laws to punish people like me. First you need to learn how to be safe.
Seek out your local gun range. Sadly, for those of you living in deep blue areas, this will be difficult because the politicians you have voted for have run off most of your local gun ranges. Now that you’re afraid the state can’t/won’t protect you, I hope you realize that was a bad call.
But if you do have one in driving distance, most ranges will have ads posted for upcoming basic classes. Contrary to what you’ve been told about the ultra evil National Rifle Association, the majority of what the NRA does is conduct basic safety training to keep newbies from shooting themselves in the foot. They will walk you through the fundamental rules of gun safety, mechanics, and storage.
Here is another mind blowing factoid for you liberals, the NRA was actually started by Union army officers to train recently freed blacks how to defend themselves from the Democrat KKK. The first gun control laws in America were racist in origin, and aimed at disarming “undesirables” like blacks or the Irish. So in that respect, not much has changed.
For those of you in the LGBTWTFBBQ community, in the aftermath of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, a transsexual friend of mine started Operation Blazing Sword. It is a network of firearms instructors across the country who are volunteering to help out gay and trans people who are new to guns learn about basic safety and firearms familiarization. I helped them get started. Check their map. They’ve probably got somebody near you willing to help.
If you haven’t blocked all of them yet for having dissenting opinions, you can ask your gun owning friends and family for advice. I would still recommend talking to actual experts though, just because we know what we’re doing, and we personally haven’t had to listen to you talk about how we’re all baby murdering psychopaths over Thanksgiving dinner. But if they love you, they’ll be happy to help you learn about how guns work. If you don’t have any friends who own guns, you may want to ask yourself how you live in such an echo chamber.
Again, most of what you’ve been told about the gun culture is a myth. We want you to be able to defend yourself, and we want you to be safe and responsible doing it.
Now it gets really complicated. And that’s entirely your fault. See, traditionally Democrats don’t like the 2nd Amendment and historically have done everything in their power to screw with it. Your gun laws are going to vary dramatically based upon where you live. It might be really difficult and expensive for you to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, or it might be relatively easy.
But you’re scared right now! Well, that’s too bad. Because for the most part Democrats have tried to make it so that citizens have to abdicate their responsibilities and instead entrust that only state can defend everyone… That doesn’t seem like such a bright idea now that you don’t trust who is running the state, huh?
You might get attacked in your home, but let’s be realistic, you’re way more likely to be attacked out in public. Accordingly, democrats have made it way harder to have a gun where you are most likely to need it. If your state is red or purple, you probably have an inexpensive way to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon so that you can be armed everywhere. The bluer your state, the more unlikely/expensive that becomes, and in the most exclusive cities, unless you are a politician, movie star, or body guarding a politician or movie star, you are basically out of luck.
Oh yeah, it kind of goes without saying by this point, but most of what you think you know about what gun laws do is wrong. I know you think you’ve been helping with your demands to Do Something, but you aren’t. I wrote this article a few years ago in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. It is one of the most widely read articles on gun control laws ever written.
I am a big fan of concealed carry, and if you are honestly worried about murderous racists being emboldened, then you should be too. If your state has a concealed weapons permit, I would recommend taking that class. Even if you are not personally ready to take that big step of actually keeping a firearm on your person, the class should provide a great primer on your state and local laws.
There are thousands of onerous little gun laws. I won’t overcomplicate this, but you guys have been sticking extra gun laws on the books all over the country at every opportunity. In your area you might not be able to buy certain guns, or you’ll have to lock them up in a specific manner, or you’ll have to register them with the state. (now that you’re worried about the state rounding you up, having a registry of which of you own guns seems kind of dumb huh?)
Now that you understand basic safety and marksmanship, let’s get you armed.
Contrary to what Barack Obama told you, Glocks are not easier to get than books. Hell, I’ll trade an autographed copy of each of my published novels for a Glock if you’ve got any spares lying around.
If you haven’t completely alienated all of your pro-gun friends by blaming them for every mass murder that’s ever happened, now would be a great time to ask them to come shopping with you.
Find your local gun store. Go there. Ask the nice people behind the counter questions about what is the best gun for you needs. They are usually very helpful, however, don’t tell them that you are a liberal, because since you’ve previously tried to ban everything you’re now buying, they will probably laugh at you. That’s expected, because your people do kind of malign them constantly and have repeatedly tried to ruin their livelihood. Oh well, live and learn. You know better now.
Shockingly, you will quickly discover that the gun best suited for your home self-defense needs is probably one of the guns that the news would call “assault weapons”. In reality that’s a gibberish term to scare newbs, but remember, most of what you’ve been taught is complete bullshit. You want the best tool for the job. Yes. It looks scary. That’s kind of the point.
If you live in a place with concealed carry laws, you will probably want one of those deadly high capacity assault pistols too. In regular America we just call those handguns. Have the experts help pick one out that suits your lifestyle and manner of dress. Then make sure you get a good holster to carry it safely. Common newb mistake is to get a decent gun and a crap holster. Don’t do that.
Once you’ve picked your firearms, you will need to fill out a federal 4473 form, provide ID (gasp! Racist!), and the shop will call in your background check to make sure you aren’t a felon, illegal alien, or otherwise prohibited person. Since this check is computerized it only takes a few minutes.
Now that is how it works in most states. If you are lucky enough to live in a blue state liberal paradise, then you may have to deal with extra laws. Like mandatory waiting periods, special permits, or you’ve got to jump through a bunch of other onerous hoops before you are allowed to defend yourself… But hey, you voted for that. Suck it up, buttercup.
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News and Information from and about GOAL
Industry News / "Gunshow Loophole"
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The Truth About Gun Shows

by Mark Keefe - Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Originally published in American Rifleman, October 2009

Recently, I ran into someone I hadn't seen since my high school days—I'll call him "Danny." We talked about mutual friends, families, careers and personal interests and when he learned of my occupation, it became apparent that he belongs to what I call the "I own guns, BUT ..." group of Americans. The "BUT..." in our conversation was the fact that he really didn't understand—and had never attended—gun shows. Still, he told me, he knew all about them from the media. And he knew for a "fact" that they should have additional government control.

Our conversation was upsetting and all too short. Danny was amazingly uninformed on something that most NRA members understand and treasure as part of American freedom. So I knew what I had to do: I had to tell the true story in the form of a heart-felt primer about gun shows.

I write this not just for Danny, but for all such ill-informed "I own guns, BUT..." folks everywhere. As for those of you who know the facts, remember, whether writing or speaking, we only convince people one person at a time.

So, What Are Gun Shows?
Gun shows offer a variety of firearms and accessories that you can't find under one roof in even the largest gun shops. Stores don't have room for 2,000 to 10,000 tables devoted to firearms and accessories. And then there are the gun shows that offer a variety of both old and new, used or currently manufactured merchandise. They are no different than book fairs, car shows or counted cross-stitch shows—all of which share free speech, the right to assemble and the right to peaceable commerce between individuals. All of these assemblies represent the same thing: a gathering of Americans with a common passion—for freedom.

The 21st century American gun show has its roots in the market fairs and swap meets of our forefathers. The trading of firearms between private individuals goes back to even before the founding of our country. A modern-day example is well-illustrated by one of my favorite gun shows. When it was last held in July at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va., the Nation's Gun Show exhibited more than 1,700 vendor tables in two buildings. More than 10,000 people from all over the country attended and participated. No, they assembled.

As usual, I was looking for military M1911s, which have always been an interest. My grandfather carried one in World War II and I have several rebuilt guns I've been slowly restoring. One parts seller in particular I've been buying from for years has one of the best tables of bins brimming with M1911 parts I've seen anywhere.

And then there's my good friend Phil Schreier. He goes to the Nation's Gun Show for the same reason he attends countless other shows. "To enhance my collection," he explained. "I'm always looking for better, higher-condition examples or for items not represented in my collection." Phil is senior curator of the National Firearms Museum and manager of NRA Gun Collector Programs. We've walked the aisles of many a show together and to us, gun shows define the pursuit of happiness.

Of course, some collecting organizations, such as the prestigious Ohio Gun Collectors Ass'n, don't allow the public to attend: members and guests only.

The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits feature an entire aisle of nothing but such educational displays competing for medals and awards from the NRA Gun Collectors Committee. Think of it as the Stanley Cup for gun collectors. The NRA Gun Collecting Department puts on a National Gun Collecting Leadership Seminar every year. The department also works with one of the NRA's many affiliated gun collecting clubs to put on the annual NRA National Gun Collectors Show. The plastic ties you see on guns at most shows today are thanks to the efforts of NRA-affiliated collecting organizations wanting a simple, visible means to ensure every firearm for sale or on display is safe and unloaded.

I asked Glen Caroline, who is NRA-ILA Grassroots director, about the First Amendment side of gun shows. "Recent legislation that would end gun shows as we know them would gravely impact the lawful transfer of firearms themselves, and would also end the transfer of information and political dialogue that is crucial to our grassroots efforts in communicating with our members and lawful firearm owners," he told me. "This kind of legislation is not only an affront to the Second Amendment, but would also have dire consequences for the First Amendment rights of gun owners."

At gun shows I've met county sheriffs, state senators, state representatives and even a serving U.S. congressman or two. As many shows as I've attended, I can't recall not seeing police cars in the parking lots or uniformed officers in the aisles. At the shows I attend, it's not uncommon to see BATFE agents standing in the aisles talking to officers in uniform, retired FBI agents or dealers. Hardly the company career criminals want to keep.

Who's Behind the Tables?
At shows, you'll find guns on the tables of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) and private individuals. Before 1986, most with guns at their tables at shows were collectors, selling a few items from their personal collections, as FFLs were prohibited from conducting business at shows. The 1986 McClure-Volkmer Firearms Owner Protection Act allowed FFLs to conduct business at other locations, and FFLs started attending shows—the vast majority of tables with guns on them at major shows are run by FFLs—are all following the same laws by which they abide at their licensed places of business.

You do not need an FFL to sell polished rocks, army boots or surplus underwear at a gun show. At some shows, fully half of the "dealers" have no firearms at all on their tables. Books, scopes, knives and accessories are items not under the purview of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Steve Clark, the proprietor of Beaver Creek Arms, which specializes in vintage firearms and military souvenirs, came from his home in Dillsburg, Pa., to exhibit at the Chantilly show for the first time. Clark began his career in firearms as a hobbyist and now relies on it for a full-time living. "I spent 32 years in industry," said Clark, a kindly middle-aged man, then added, referring to the recent tough financial times on Wall Street, "We lost a lot of our investments." Of his new career, he said, "It's an investment venue. When I look at my 401(G)," he says with a grin, hoping that the listener understands that the "G" stands for gun, "it looks pretty good."

But guns aren't all that's for sale at guns shows. Also at Chantilly, Jeni Benos, a vendor from Pearlsburg, Va., has banked on her warm personality and talents as a jewelry maker to establish a spot for herself during the past few years. Designs in her Jenuinely Jeni line include Pistol Petals, floral-themed pendants she hand crafts by peeling back and polishing the brass cases of spent handgun cartridges. "They make a statement about the Second Amendment," she said with obvious pride and enthusiasm.

What Loophole?
Anti-gunners call private individuals who sell a few guns from their personal collections—their personal property—the so-called "gun show loophole." What some refer to as a "loophole" is actually a federal law.

Consider this. There is nothing anyone can think of that involves criminals and guns that isn't already covered under federal law—and that includes anything a criminal might do at a gun show. Anything.

Whether it's at a gun show or anywhere else, acquisition of any firearm by a "prohibited person" under 18 U.S.C. 922(g) is a crime. Any felon who attends a gun show and touches a gun—or ammunition—is in violation of federal law with a 10-year criminal penalty as a start.

The same goes for fugitives from justice, drug addicts, adjudicated lunatics and domestic abusers. Interstate transportation, transfer of a firearm or ammunition by anyone in those prohibited categories, are felonies.

Terrorists? They are already covered by harsh federal law. An act of terrorism is a crime. Planning an act of terrorism is a crime. So, understand that acquisition of a gun or ammunition by anybody intended for criminal purposes is a federal felony.

Straw sales? Covered. It is a felony for anyone who is not a prohibited person to acquire a gun or ammunition for anybody in the prohibited category. All of this covers any gun-cheap gun, long gun, concealable gun or even a so-called "assault weapon."

The best data available from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that only 0.7 percent of criminals obtained their firearms from gun shows. And those criminals violated the law: They committed serious crimes for which they could spend years in jail.

Understand the closing of the so-called "gun show loophole" for what it means. It would make it a criminal act for peaceable, law-abiding citizens to buy or sell guns to friends or neighbors without running a federal background check. Want to sell your brother-in-law your old Remington 870? A federal crime. They seek to put you and your guns into a federal database—for every firearm transferred in America, starting with gun shows.

What is the real point of closing the so-called "gun show loophole"? If it is to prohibit criminals from obtaining firearms, all the tools are already there. Bottom line, if it's illegal under federal law, it's illegal at a gun show.

How about enforcing the law? According to the mainstream media, one can simply walk into any one of the estimated 5,000 gun shows held annually in the United States and purchase machine guns, grenades and rocket launchers, no questions asked, cash and carry. At no place in the United States is such conduct legal. Federal and state laws regarding firearms apply to every corner of the nation—including gun shows.

So, what do those who would end gun shows really want for you and me? A permanent record of every gun owner and firearm in the United States on a federal computer. It's gun shows today, but all private transfers between law-abiding citizens are the objective.

The Bradys proved their goal. In 1989, the Roberti-Roos Act passed, the so-called "assault-weapon ban," in California. Gun owners in that state—where all sales must be registered and run through FFLs—were sent notices to register their affected guns or face fines or prison. The state imposed a deadline for the registration of "assault weapons." There was confusion regarding the registration. Guns not covered by the ban were registered, and others who had guns that should have been registered didn't get the word or were initially afraid to register their guns. When owners affected by the ban asked the state if they could register the guns after the deadline, California said yes.

Many did just that. Not satisfied, the Bradys sued the state and forced California to tell everyone who registered a gun after the deadline to get the gun out of the state or it would be confiscated. Anti-gunners used the courts to force the confiscation of guns from citizens who registered their guns and tried in good faith to comply with the law.

The calls to end the traditional American gun show and close the non-existent "gun show loophole" infringe on both the free speech and Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. These infringements have far-reaching effects.

The next time I see my friend Danny I'm going to give him a copy of this essay. I hope others will copy it, too, and pass it on to people they might know among that "BUT..." class of gun owners, or to non-gun owners so they can better understand the truth about gun shows.

—Brian C. Sheetz and James O.E. Norell contributed to this story
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